Yummy Mummy Cleanse


  • 150 Capsules (30 Day Supply)
  • Great source of anti-oxidants
  • Complete Body Cleanse
  • Helps to Cleanse your body from all the bad Birth Control Hormones
  • Protects your cells from free radical damage
  • Supports fertility
  • Helps with hormonal balance


Q: What is the side effects of Cleanse?
A: During the first week your body will go through a purging period getting rid of all the toxins in your body. You might experience headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Side effects will fade after 3-7 days. You can also lessen the side effects by drinking enough water (3 liters a day) and taking the capsules with a decent breakfast.

Q: Can I take Cleanse in the afternoon or at night?
A: No. Cleanse should be taken in the morning WITH breakfast and water. Drinking Cleanse after 10:00 could cause sleeplessness.

Q: Can I skip Cleanse on the weekends?
A: No. Cleanse should be taken every day for it to work.


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